On to 2013 (Year of the Comet)…and Beyond!

Now that 2013 is here and the looming danger of the world ending Mayan Apocalypse is a distant memory, we can all start thinking about the future again!

I like the reboot we all get come January 1st.  My New Year’s resolution is to be more actively involved with “the social conversation” happening out there in the world.  This irreverent blog is just one of my contributions.

I’ll start the new year off by mentioning that many news outlets are reporting that 2013 will be, “The Year of the Comet”.  Here are just a couple interesting ones:

– Comet Pan-Starrs is set to pass by and be visible in March, visible to the naked eye low in the western horizon, with a possibility it can be seen in the day.

– Comet Ison, (which might be visible as soon as late summer) should be coming around our neck of the woods between Oct-Dec for some star-gazing where it’s possible it could be brighter than a full moon in the night-sky.

I’m pretty excited about these since I plan on buying a nice new Orion SpaceProbe telescope for the family so we can all take part in these rare events and allow everyone to be swept up by the whimsical nature of space…and to dream a little.


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